The Flatshare

  Author: Beth O'Leary



The Flatshare is a story about Tiffy and Leon. To be exact, it's about them living in the same flat, sharing the bed but never actually meeting each other. Since Leon works at nights, he gets the place at the daytime while she's at work. Meanwhile, Tiffy has the place to herself at nights and weekends. What could go wrong, eh?

So, first of all, I was extremely excited to read this book since it has been very hyped up on bookstagram and I kept on seeing it on all the bestsellers lists. I loved the idea of the book, it's unconventional, fun and right up my street. However, something was missing. Throughout the whole book, I couldn't connnect to any of the characters, I found quite a few chapters a bit unrealistic and just couldn't get into the book as much as I was hoping for. 

One thing that is very important to mention here though, the Flatshare touched up on a very important topic: gaslighting. It was very well distributed throughout the book - from the start where the character has no idea or can't remember/admit that this has happened to her to accepting it and moving on. However, the triggers don't go anywhere just because you admit and accept that you suffered emotional abuse. Which is why I loved that in this book, it highlighted the fact that problems don't just go away, they stay with you for a long time and can be triggered by anything.

Some of the characters were definitely lovable - I liked Rachel and definitely Richie! But with others, I found it hard to see the appeal. As cute as the note passing was, I couldn't make myself love Tiffy or Leon...

I gave it 3 stars because it was easy to read and I think it was valuable since it taught me about gaslighting in a real life situation. I would still recommend it since it's an interesting plot but don't expect too much from it in order not to be disappointed!

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