Post-Lockdown Thoughts and Feelings

The 'New normal', mental health and tips on how to get through this weird time

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When this whole madness started back in March, I’ve noticed that a lot of resources came out to help people get through the lockdown. It was a tough time – thousands of people dying, not being able to go to work or anywhere else for that matter. We also weren’t allowed to see our families or friends. So for 4 months straight, many people had to fight loneliness, depression and other mental health struggles because simply, there was basically nothing to do and nowhere to go. Which is why, the helpful resources that kept appearing throughout the lockdown have been great. However, as soon as businesses started opening up, it seemed that everything will just go back to normal. But it’s not like that for everyone!

As an introvert who finds social situations quite difficult, the lockdown has been a safe space for me. I was working from home and didn’t have to go anywhere – a dream come true! Even though I am still working from home, I had to go to a few things which I found incredibly hard on my mental health. My anxiety skyrocketed – even the smallest of things could trigger it. So, I compiled a list of tips that helped me and hopefully can help you get through this weird time too:

  1. Books – of course, this has to be mentioned first. Books are the main thing that got me through this. You can escape into a completely different world for a few days and forget about your own problems. I usually like mixing it up and reading different genres but when I feel anxious about something, I will pick up an easy read that I know will make me feel good and happy for the time being.

  2. Go for walks! When feeling anxious, simply going outside to the garden can help a lot. It refreshes your mind and body and instantly makes you feel better!

  3. Do a workout. Get those happpy endorphins in!

  4. Talk to someone about it. If you’re feeling low or anxious, don’t bottle it up, reach out for help. Facetime or message your family – it will make you feel better!

  5. Social media detox. I should take my own advice on this really. As much as I want to do it, I never seem to find the right time. But it’s so helpful! Put your phone away, read books, have a pamper night, watch TV. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect night?

  6. Treat yourself. Get your favourite snacks, a cup of tea and watch an easy film!

  7. Colouring books. Ok, this one may sound like a weird advice but trust me on this. Once you start, you simply can’t stop. A couple of pounds for a book and it will take you years to fill it all up! P.S. puzzles help too.

  8. Podcasts or audiobooks. Find something funny or interesting to listen to while you're tidying the house or going for a walk! Funny podcasts never fail to lift my mood up.

  9. During lockdown, I got into playing animal crossing on my Nintendo Switch. I never realized how therapeutic playing a game can feel. You’ll find yourself lost in it for a few hours (or maybe even longer, whoops!) everyday and it’s just such a fun way to pass the time! If any of your friends have it, you can visit each other too.

  10. Last tip that I have for you might be a weird one. I read somewhere that if you're sad or anxious, make yourself smile. This way you can trick your mind into actually making you feel happy! I'm not sure how true this fact is but I've tried it and I think it helped a little. Fake it until you make it!


These are all the tips that I have for you today. Remember, it’s completely normal to feel anxious about going out and meeting people after isolating for 4 months. We’re all in the same situation so you’re not alone!

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